Thank you for stopping by. I am Kruthi, a 2D After Effects / Technical animator from India. I am very passionate about using my previous experience as an engineer into my animations and love to create complex expression rigs, improve workflow with scripts, and get overly excited about anything that has to do with outer space. 
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 I used to be a PhD student working with spacecraft trajectory controls and while doing my Masters thesis, I used to watch TedED and Kurzgesagt videos to procrastinate instead of actually writing thesis. I used to be so blown away by these videos and used to wonder what do people do to create these awesome animations. I so badly wanted to be able to jump into this magical world of animation. 
During COVID lockdown, I finally pulled the plug and did some 100 million skillshare and School of Motion courses and I realized that I am much happier doing animation in 2D than I ever was doing spacecraft control in 3D (lol geddit?). So here I am, fully metamorphoseed into an animator!
I love connecting with motion graphics enthusiasts.. well, connecting with people in general and talking about world, travel, science, and most importantly.. SPACE!!!! Sooo, hit me up at if you wanna connect with me!
The team & I at Lovatt were happy to bring Kruthi onboard to help out with a large esports broadcast package. Her fine attention to detail and quick understanding of our workflow & processes made Kruthi a vital member of the team, and one we were lucky to have!
Kruthi is an absolute delight to work with. She has the most positive attitude, and is always striving to learn from everyone. She has developed some amazing technical skills for AE that have been so helpful for us. Every time I work with Kruthi, her skill level expands. I would definitely recommend Kruthi to anyone that needs 2D animation skills, especially from a technical perspective.