In this project, I wrote a script UI panel for After Effects which retrieves the metadata from Spotify content, uses that data to update the animations, and produce any artist's wrapped with just a click. 
How it works

In the script UI Panel, you input the artist's name and click enter. The script then runs another javascript code which outputs 3 files.

Two of the output files are JSONs which hold the Artist's data. The first JSON has artist information like the name, genre, followers etc.,

and the second file has the top tracks data like the name of the track, supporting artists, and duration. 
The last file that is exported with the script is the image of the artist. This is downloaded automatically using the URL that is provided by Spotify API and is replaced in the composition.
The number of top tracks can also be edited by changing the number of markers in the AE file. Here are the compositions which display the number of followers and the top tracks.
Here's the compilation of the compositions after running the script UI panel on After Effects.
If you're interested in creating something like this, email me at Thank you.